Why Christians Can’t Afford To Remain Silent About Sex

I will never forget my first sexual education experience. I sat in a classroom next to a dozen of my pre-pubescent friends as we stared at various atrocities flashing across a projector screen. Each passing slide displayed the horrors of “pre-marital sex” and “un-safe sex.” I walked away horrified by the ghastly images and my appetite ruined for at least a week.

If I had to guess, you probably had a similar experience at some point in your childhood. Thankfully, I had caring parents and a church community who taught me the truth about sex. As I grew older I learned that God designed sex and designed it to be good. I also learned that there is a purpose for sex and that it can be freely and unashamedly enjoyed within the context of marriage.

It doesn’t take long to look at our culture today though to realize there is something very wrong with the way we view sexuality. We are living in a world where an erotic fantasy movie depicting BDSM creates box office records and a movie about male strippers is so popular it gets a sequel. We are faced with the daunting challenge of raising godly children, who will respect their bodies, in a world that glorifies degrading them.

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