Lead Gen for Dallas Pop-Up Watch Party

The Situation:

Our Online Team scheduled an in-person meet up in Dallas, Texas to connect with members of our online community. We wanted to also leverage the visit to invite eFam who live near the venue.

The Goal:

Generate +500 leads for the Dallas Pop-Up Watch Party.

The Approach:

Run FB/IG ads alongside Google Paid Search ads to generate low-cost, high-intent leads for the event. After they became leads, email and 1:1 SMS follow-up was planned leading up to the event.

The Tension:

Due to a small venue and the budget allocated for this event, we knew we’d have to maintain a low CPL.

The Outcome:

  • Across all platforms there were over 151,000 impressions, more than 5,400 clicks, and 820 leads
  • $1.83 CPL
  • 724 people attended the pop-up

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