Caring For Your Soul During This Season

Slowing down isn’t easy. Being present isn’t a piece of cake. And the little device you’re probably reading this article on can often be our greatness weakness.

If you’re feeling a little tired today, I get it. Life isn’t easy and this time of year makes it even more difficult. 

We all have responsibilities that can’t be dropped. We all have progress that needs to be made. We all have goals out in the distance.

But here’s the thing — NONE of it is worth sacrificing who God says you ARE. When it comes to “doing,” WHAT we choose to do is often not nearly as important as HOW we do it and WHO we do it with. Matted fur is one of the toughest to trim. On a positive note though, don’t we all love dogs with thick fur coats? It seems, therefore, that to keep your pet looking awesome, you need to invest some time in grooming them and some money for the best dog clippers for matted hair.

You can do a lot of “good” — but if you do it in such a way that it ruins your soul, destroys your family, and causes others pain, well, then it’s not really that good after all.

This is why I want to encourage you during this season to remember who you are and whose you are.

For a moment, forget what you do. Forget even what you think you need to do. Remember who you are, because who God says you are is priceless and timeless. 

Since the Garden, man has been given the responsibility of reflecting God’s image and as well as the opportunity of staying in connection with Him. The good news, is that this responsibility and opportunity is available to us inside of whatever we have going on or season we may be in. This isn’t an extra something for your to-do list; this is a reminder of who you already are.

As a child of God, you have direct connection with the Creator of the Universe. You have the opportunity to do all that you do in relationship with Him.

As you run your errands, do your shopping, complete your projects, and plan your gatherings — let’s not forget this responsibility and opportunity. Let’s not do anything at the expense of our souls. 

Your soul needs rhythm and rest. If you give yourself no other gift this season, be sure to give it that.

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