You ARE Influential (Whether You Realize It or Not)

Influence is a funny thing. Influence explains why a 25 year old husband/dad, like myself, who rarely plays basketball will pay good money for a pair of Jordan sneakers. It’s not that wearing them makes me a better basketball player; it’s just that I still want to be “Like Mike”.

Influence is intricately connected to identity.

Michael Jordan can sell millions of basketball sneakers to un-athletic people like me, because of his identity – the greatest basketball player of all time.

Barack Obama can pass laws that affects millions of citizens, because of his identity – the President of the United States.

We all know the magnitude of influence that Michael Jordan and the President have, but did you know that YOU have influence?

Yes, you… you have influence. Every day you wake up I am willing to bet that you influence more people than you know in more ways than you know. Whether you like it or not and whether you know it or not – you are influential.

As a parent you are influencing your children 24/7. Everything you watch, everything you listen to, everything you say – it is all being absorbed and taken in by them.

As an employee you are influencing your co-workers from the moment you clock-in. Your attitude and your actions are infectious and they either motivate or make life miserable for those around you.

As a student you are influencing your peers the moment you walk on campus. Your readiness or refusal to succumb to the social pressures around you is being constantly analyzed.

Called to Be an Influencer

As believers in Christ we are called to be influencers.

We’re called to be salt in a world that is becoming tasteless.

Light in a world that is becoming darker.

And hope in a world that is becoming hopeless.

As a people who claim to have the Spirit of the living God inside of them – we have no excuse for not being influential.

Why else would Jesus say that we would do greater works than He himself would? It’s obviously not because we have it all together; it has to be because of the magnitude of influence that His Spirit has.

When Jesus promised to send His Spirit, He was promising power. But He didn’t promise power so that we could keep it to ourselves. He promised power so that we could take His life-changing love to the ends of of the earth.

As a Christian, choosing to hide your influence is consequently choosing to hide Christ. And this world cannot afford any more compartmental Christians. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of you and He is just as much alive on Monday as He is Sunday.

Don’t hide your influence – someone needs it.

Someone needs to hear that they are more than a conquerer through Christ.

…that a little faith can go a long way towards conquering fear.

…that there is a God who loves them so deeply that He died for them on a cross

Someone needs your God-given influence, because someone needs to learn of their God-given identity.

“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”
Matthew 5:14

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  • I NEEDED to read this today. Reading this furthers my belief that I Am able to co-lead or lead a small group one day. I appreciate you writing this,,,, you are a huge INFLUENCE to me through your blog. THANK YOU.

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