The Fallacy of Fear-Based Decision Making

Several years ago, I made a pact that I’d never make another decision based solely on fear. That decision has improved every future decision I’ve ever made. Here’s what unlocked it for me… 🔓

Anxiety about how future events will play out are based on your negative predictions being accurate. I’ll tell you what I’m not: an accurate predictor of the future.

Once I realized that my fears were predicated on me being “100% right” — it took a lot of the pressure off. The idea of me being accurate about the future seemed a bit ridiculous.

It’s not that negative things haven’t happened after I’ve made big decisions. It’s just impossible to predict how you might respond *positively* to future *negative* events.

With a solid support structure and a bias for action, a negative event can actually open doors you never saw coming.

All this to say, take it from me (a serial worrier): Don’t make a decision based solely on fear.

Use your background.

Leverage your experience.

Ask some wise friends in your circle.

But please don’t make the mistake of consulting your fears.

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