SEM Campaign for Weekly Live Stream

The Situation: Every Sunday, thousands of people watch the Elevation Church livestream from around the world. To influence consideration with new online church goers, we invest $12-15k per month on our Sunday campaigns. I recently challenged our team to improve the quality of the paid search traffic and increase the average conversion rate.

The Goal: Increase the conversion rate of paid search traffic from 10% to 15% in Q1 2022.

The Tension/Problem: Our conversation rate in Q4 2021 hovered between 7-10% so we felt like there was plenty of room to improve.

The Solution: I challenged our Paid Search Specialist to make necessary keyword optimizations and assigned a new hire Ad Specialist to assist her as a second pair of eyes with the optimizations. Each week, I reviewed the optimizations and performance of the prior week’s optimizations with them and we made changes to improve WoW.

The Outcome: We increased the conversion rate from 10 to 15% during Q1 and we’re now averaging 18% in Q2.