Dear Asher – An Open Letter To My Unborn Son

Dear Asher,

The days are drawing closer to your arrival and our excitement is building. Just to give you an update… you’re mom is in full-swing nesting mode at this point. We’re organizing diaper bags, categorizing bottles and strapping in car seats.

It’s been an incredible ride already and we’re so ready for you to join us on the outside of your mom’s stomach.

Your mom is REALLY ready… 99% of the reason being she wants to have you in her arms – 1% of the reason being is because you’ve made her bladder your pillow for the past 4 weeks and it’s causing a tiny bit of sleep deprivation.

As with any of God’s miracles we know you will come just at the right time… and we’re both okay with that.

In the meantime I decided to write down a few things that I’ve been thinking about that one day I will want you to know.

One thing you will come to realize is that this world you are entering is broken. It’s filled with broken systems, broken people and broken hearts. Just watching the news can be depressing. Division and hatred is stirring among people of different races, cultures and nations each and every day.

I know that seems bad, but not all is lost.

Jesus is our promised solution. By following Him we have access to His light and His light is one that will never be extinguished by the dark. We have been called to be light in this dark world.


When you see lies, bring truth.

When you see pain, bring healing.

When you see a need, bring generosity.

As you grow older countless things will vie for your attention. At times, you may find yourself looking for identity in this world. Something to give you value. You may look for it in a sport you play, or the work you are doing, or even in someone else.

The problem with that is that all of those things can be taken from you. You could lose your playing ability, you could lose your position in life and in some cases you could even lose the people you care about most.

Only God should be given the right to define you and give you identity. You were made in His image (Genesis 1:27) and He didn’t make a single mistake in creating you. You may not act the same, look the same, or be the same as someone else… and that’s okay.

God created you and knows you better than anyone – even better than your mom and I do.

Always remember, you are full of worth because you are made in the image of God. Nothing you could do will ever change that, just like nothing you could do will ever change the fact that you are our child.

Your mom and I hope to give you wisdom and advice as you grow older, but it is so important that you also learn to hear and obey God’s voice. His voice you can always trust and His voice will always be there, even when we can’t be.

I pray that you follow Him before and above anything or anyone else

This time we have on earth is temporary and most of what we do or accomplish will eventually fade away so be wise with how you spend your time.

Focus on loving God and loving people and you will live with few regrets.

Invest in people; not things. Be bold with God’s love and always be willing to listen more than you talk. And please spend the majority of your time being present in the real world, not the virtual one on your phone (Mom and Dad are still trying to learn this one).

Finally, I want you to know that I don’t expect you to be perfect and God doesn’t either.

Please don’t ever feel like you have to hide from your mom and I or from God.

Regardless of where life takes you or what decisions you make you can always know that we love and care for you.

You may think that you are loved because of what you do or what kind son you are, but the truth is that we love you because you’re ours and that will never change.

You have just a few more weeks in there so enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. You have a bunch of family, friends and a hyper-active boxer dog who are all waiting to see you so it will probably be a little bit of an adjustment. We’re praying for you daily and can’t wait to welcome you on this journey!




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  • Tyler, I have read every blog post you have ever posted and this one is my favorite. The love in your heart is evident and I can’t wait to watch you grow as a Dad. Asher is blessed to have parents that love him without conditions. I know he will make you just as proud as you have always made me.

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