The Best Financial Decision I’ve Ever Made

I’ll never forget the first time my wife told me she wanted to give an offering at church. It’s been several years ago, but I can still remember the gut turning nausea it induced. At the time we were tithing faithfully, both actively involved in volunteer roles, and offering our help whenever possible.

In other words, I thought we were doing good. But God was ready to challenge our trust.

As my wife told me the number, I responded — reacted might be a better word— with a litany of excuses and logical reasons of why we shouldn’t give the money. The amount wasn’t enough to put us on the streets, but it was plenty enough to make me uncomfortable.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I initially told her, “No.” I couldn’t justify it or rationalize it. It didn’t make sense to me. We were tithing — giving what were supposed to give — so why would God ask us to give more? God didn’t need our money.

I tried arguing with her, but she eventually just asked me to pray about it and if God didn’t change my heart then we wouldn’t give the money.

Spoiler Alert: God changed my heart, and we gave the money.

To this day, I still recognize that moment as when God first freed my heart from the soul draining love of money. Years later, being obedient then was the best financial decision we’ve ever made.

It was then I realized that although God doesn’t need our money, He does want our hearts to be free from it.

Up to that point in our marriage I had been holding on to everything with a clenched fist. I wanted to have full control of our money because money gave me the illusion that I was in control. What I didn’t see was that money really had control of me.

I was wasting hours worrying about how much money was in our account — even though we had more than we needed. I was seeing myself as the provider when in reality the provision was coming from God.

Psalm 89:11 says, “To the Lord your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it.”

Seeing money this way means that whatever you “own” on this earth ultimately falls under God’s ownership.

When it comes to money — we’re technically stewards, not owners.

Your house, your car, and the numbers in your bank account are all resources God is simply allowing you to borrow. The kicker to this is that God is also trusting you to use wisely what He’s allowing you to borrow.

If you’re tired of being controlled by money, there is really on one way to set yourself free from it: You must learn to give it away.

Despite your emotions and despite logic. When you give in this way you’re declaring you are not the owner, God is. It’s not easy, but I can guarantee it will be the best financial decision you will ever make.

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