Abortion and the Burden We Should Be Bearing

I’m still trying to process the evidence I have seen unfold over the past few weeks regarding Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling aborted baby parts for profit.

If that is shocking for you to read, you aren’t alone. It’s hard for me to even type it. Everything about that sentence just feels grossly absurd, yet it is happening – all the time. And not only is it happening – our government is funding it.

You may not be familiar with the details, but difficult as it may be – I urge you to investigate it yourself. I have watched the videos, but to be honest I’ve not been able to bring myself to view some of the more graphic sections of the footage.

It is absolutely heart wrenching to hear the infinitely valuable life of a baby be degraded to that of a used car being sorted and broken down to be sold for parts.

More Than a Political Issue

As hard as it may be to look at the video or face what is happening, I believe that we must.

We can no longer turn our heads and chalk it up as a political issue to be sorted out by “someone else”.

This is not simply a political issue. It is a God given right to life issue.

With the advancement of technology and science I am afraid that our society has been building a modern day Tower of Babel. We have advanced to the point of thinking we can play God with no consequences. We have taken the beauty of God’s best creation and allowed it to be classified as just a clump of cells and tissue.

Science may call it cells or tissue – but God calls it, “mine”.

Scripture tells us that God is intimately at work on us from the very earliest moments of our life.

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139:13

Therefore, we must face the reality that the efforts being made to defend a woman’s “right to choose” is simultaneously destroying the rights of every child along with God’s perfect plan for that child.

By giving any human – woman, man, mother or father – the approval and funding to destroy a life that God created we are loudly declaring as a culture that “our plan” is supreme to God’s plan.

The Answer to Abortion Doesn’t Begin With Silence

While I honestly don’t know the answer to stopping the atrocity of abortion, I do know what the answer is not.

The answer is not to pretend that this isn’t happening.

The answer is not to look away because it is too hard to watch.

The answer is not to keep silent, because you fear that your voice won’t be heard.

By doing nothing at this point we won’t be guilty of simply losing a political battle – we will be guilty of allowing the routine murder of innocent lives to take place as ‘normal’.

What is taking place is too important for us to become numb to. It is too important to allow it to just be a political debate or a battle between liberals and conservatives.

In the time that has elapsed since Roe v. Wade over 57 million lives have been taken at the hands of that decision.

57 million lives – and somehow, that has become ‘normal’.

Although I fervently disagree with abortion – after watching the recently released videos I’ve discovered that I’ve accepted the Roe v. Wade decision as ‘normal’ without even realizing it.

As I listened to the details of the procedure and the illegal activity that was discussed so casually, something inside of me woke up – I was genuinely affected by it. Angered by it and deeply saddened.

Being faced with the cruel details of abortion I realized just how apathetic I have been concerning this subject – completely unmoved and unmotivated for things to change.

While I don’t have a perfect plan for change I think the time to start is now. This may be the darkest hour concerning the sanctity of life, but with every cultural sin we must start by allowing God’s light to shine in the darkness.

We Must Be Moved

We must allow ourselves to be moved by what is happening – we must take action.

With that said, I don’t think it helps to make this a pro-life vs pro-choice battle or just another casual topic to be debated for the next presidential race. This is far more important than politics and making your point against “the other side”.

I believe for us to truly seek justice and love mercy in this concern we have to care for both the unborn child and the mother (Micah 6:8).

We have to care about not only what is happening, but also WHY it is happening. For us to change WHAT is happening, we must first change WHY it is happening.

Ultimately, the reason why it is happening is because we live in a world infected and cursed by darkness and an enemy who loves to kill and destroy (John 10:10).

As the enemy schemes to present abortion as the only answer to mothers in despair we have to voice an alternative even louder.

We have to bring hope to those moms who are afraid to bring a child into a world without a father.

We have to bring mercy, instead of shame to those who are bringing a child into this world without a marriage.

We have to bring support to those who believe their poverty is too great to raise a child properly.

And to the powers and principalities of darkness perpetuating this evil – we must wage war in the spirit with a Holy Spirit empowered boldness and courage.

I urge you with all that I am… Pray for those in power and in political position to make the necessary changes, but don’t stop there – do something. Don’t just hear this and be done – we MUST do.

Since I don’t know where to start – I’m considering this post as an effort. It may not reach millions, but it is more than I did yesterday. My point is to bring awareness and hopefully affect you to think about what is happening.

My point is to do something instead of allowing it to just be another headline from a news outlet. My point is to reject apathy and seek justice and love mercy.

I think that is where you should start as well. Do more than you did yesterday. You don’t have to write a blog or speak from a stage – just do what you can from where you are.

My hope is that we don’t just change what is happening, but why it is happening as well. My hope is that we use the power of God’s Word to declare the supreme value of every life that is made in His image.

Don’t allow this to be normal – don’t become numb as I found myself being guilty of being. This is a burden we should be bearing heavily upon our shoulders; we must not shrug it off.

“Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute.” Psalm 82:3



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  • Thank you for your “boldness” Tyler. Vangie and I were “awakened” to the atrocities of Planned Parenthood almost 30 years ago and still strive to make Christian aware of the dangers of apathy. There are two sides to the battle… Confrontation (calling sin sin), and Compassion (helping those faced with an unplanned pregnancy). We fought on the front lines during “Operation Rescue” and then facilitated the opening of a Crisis Pregnancy Center in our town.

    I am thrilled to see a new generation rising to carry the battle forward. Know that our prayers are with you as you follow God’s leading in this issue!

    • Thanks, Earl! I really appreciate the prayers. I agree that there are definitely two sides to abortion and I fully believe that the Church is capable of meeting the needs on both sides. It’s awesome to hear about the work and ministry you’ve done in this area. My prayers are with you guys as well!

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