A Daily Declaration for Decluttering Your Soul

Every day is another opportunity for a fresh start. But the reality is, life is complicated and the consequences of living an overwhelmed life are real. As soon as I wake up, it’s a bare-knuckle fight to be intentional, present, and self-controlled.

Before I’ve had at least one cup of coffee, “taking every thought captive” feels nearly impossible — even if it’s just choosing to spend 5 minutes with my Bible over 5 extra minutes in bed with Instagram.

I know the struggle is real, which is why I finally broke down and wrote a little manifesto of all my intentions. Life can get to going pretty fast and if we’re not careful we’ll let our thoughts and feelings take us captive instead of the other way around.

I often miss the mark on this, but that’s exactly why I wrote it down. I wanted a practical reminder of how I can be more intentional where it matters the most. Hopefully it encourages you in your own fight to declutter your soul and focus on what really matters.

A Daily Declaration for Decluttering Your Soul

Today, I will…

Remove distractions and do the hard work of decluttering my soul.

I will use technology instead of letting technology use me.

I will be intentional with my time and purposeful with my thoughts.

I will be human and personal in every interaction.

I will prioritize people and be present with my friends and family.

I will find meaning and purpose in everyday moments.

I will slow down and embrace the silence where God’s voice is found.

I will seek rhythm & rest and I won’t forget to make time for what really matters.

Today, and every day, I will move forward with confidence and clarity as I love God and love people — my highest priority.

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  • I love this because this is where I am at decluttering my overwhelmed soul. Thank you. May God continue to bless you and yours.

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