10 (Kinda) Serious Tips for Surviving the Newborn Life

Our newest addition, Greylynn, is now over a month old and we’re living the #NewbornLife to its fullest. You quickly forget how difficult the newborn life can be, so I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve learned, or I’m re-learning during this season. If you know someone who is expecting, be a good friend and share this post with them. *Warning: This was written with a severe lack of sleep.

1. Always, always, ALWAYS have a “defense diaper” ready.

Yes, that is a thing.


2. If you feel overwhelmed, that’s normal.

You’re solely responsible for another living, breathing human being for the very first time in your life. Cut yourself some slack.

3. When the baby sleeps, you should sleep.

Sleep whenever and however you can. And don’t feel guilty about it.


4. Prioritize your marriage during this season.

With your baby needing 24/7 care, you need to make time for adult conversations with your spouse. If you don’t schedule it, it probably won’t happen.

5. If you don’t have anything nice to say to your spouse when you wake up for a 3:00AM feeding, don’t say anything at all.

Enough said.


6. Two words: Gas. Drops.

Go get some (for the baby, that is) and thank me later.


7.  Dining out and vacations can be miserable experiences with a newborn baby.

But they’re worth it. So do them anyway 🙂

8. Resist the urge to complain (especially if you’re a man)

Attitudes are contagious, and if you’re a man, it’s safe to say it’s still infinitely less difficult than growing a human being inside your stomach for 9 months.


 9. Don’t beat yourself up for not finishing your baby’s baby book. Pretty sure no one has ever finished one of those.

Which is why we created the Blessed Baby Book. Insert shameless plug for the “Blessed Baby Book” here: Available now on Amazon.com 🙂

10. Don’t use this season as an excuse to miss time in the Word or in prayer.

If there’s ever been a time that you needed Jesus to take the wheel, it’s now. Don’t check out!



Have you seen our latest project, the “Blessed Baby Book”? It’s a simple, but elegant Prayer Guide & Memory Journal for your baby’s first year. Think of it as a more minimalistic, purposeful approach to traditional baby books. You can order it now for you or a friend on Amazon 🙂


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