The #1 Secret to a Strong Marriage

Over the past few years that I have been married to my wife I have learned several things that have been beneficial, but one thing in particular has proved by far to be the most powerful.

What I’ve learned doesn’t involve exotic vacations, improving sexual performance, or anything else that you might have seen or heard in a magazine or television commercial.

What I’ve actually discovered to be most powerful is simply holding my wife’s hand and praying together.

That may not be as exciting as the magazine covers you’ve read, but there is something mysteriously powerful about a married man and woman joined together in prayer to God.

Here are just a few reasons why I think that praying together is the most powerful thing you can do for your marriage…

Praying Together Changes Things

While it may be awkward to suddenly start praying with your spouse, you will be amazed at the way it changes things in your marriage. The reason I first began praying with my wife was actually because I had given up on just about everything else.

After spending the first few months in my marriage trying to make everything perfect, I found myself under a crushing weight I couldn’t carry. I was holding on to the false idea that the state of our finances, our relationship, and our happiness was completely reliant on me.

It wasn’t until I realized my inability to do those things perfectly that I became humble enough to take my wife’s hand and pray for God’s strength to mend what was breaking.

Through the power of prayer, I learned that seeking God in my marriage not only changed my circumstances, but it also changed me. It taught me the powerful lesson that prayer should be my starting point and not my last resort (Matthew 6:33).

Praying Together Builds Trust

One of the most important components of marriage is trust. It’s not easy taking everything you have in life – your finances, your emotions, your time, etc… – and trusting another person with it for the rest of your life.

Praying together proves that both spouses have decided to place their life under the authority of Christ. And the life that has been placed under the authority of Christ is a life that can be trusted.

Each time you pray together it serves as a reminder of the promise you made at the conception of your marriage – to always submit to one another in reverence to Christ (Ephesians 5:21).

Praying Together Produces Unity

In a marriage, disagreements and disputes are inevitable. My wife and I have had our fair share, but what has always brought us through is simply choosing to pray about our disagreements.

I’ll be honest; sometimes praying with my wife is the last thing I feel like doing in the heat of the argument. While I may not feel like it, there is no arguing that it is always the absolute best decision you can make for the health of your marriage.

Studies have shown that less than 1% of couples who pray together daily end up in divorce. That is an incredible stat considering that more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, by causes like fighting or infidelity which couples can find about thanks to investigation services from sites as investigationhotline online where they do all sort of investigations which could help with this.

I believe that a marriage is most unified when it has knelt at the feet of Christ. All anger and bitterness dissolves in the atmosphere in prayer. Pride is the root cause for hostility; and simply put, there is no place for pride in the presence of God.

If you want to fail-proof your marriage, I challenge you to start praying with your spouse. There is nothing else that can strengthen and empower your marriage like connecting with the presence of God through prayer.

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